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Why Coupon Canary?

With over 50,000 coupons from thousands of retailers Coupon Canary is your one-stop source for online coupons and promotional codes. Whether you are looking for free shipping codes, manufacturer coupons, or printable grocery coupons we have it all. We only provide free coupons, there is never a fee, and our coupon codes are tested regularly to ensure accuracy. Our goal is to provide you with promo codes and free printable coupons for every single item you purchase throughout the day. When you are ordering a pizza with dominos coupons, using coupons for groceries or dining out using restaurant coupons Coupon Canary is your best source for coupons online.

Coupons have come a long way since the days you had to clip them out of your local newspaper and flyers. While there are still a variety of coupons available in newspapers, magazines, coupon books, flyers, and brochures, the rise of the internet has also breathed life into three completely new types of coupons available online: coupon codes, printable coupons, and social coupons.

While coupon codes and printable coupons have been around since emergence of the internet and e-commerce, the rise in social couponing has come about only in the last couple years. Lead by companies such as Groupon and Living Social, these companies work with local businesses to offer extreme savings – often between 50-90% off – in an attempt to leverage the internet and social networks into new customers.

In addition to the rise in of coupons online, there has also been a renewed interest in using coupons to save large amounts of money. In fact, NCH Marketing Services indicated that coupon use in America went up 23% last year, with a total of 3.2 billion coupons used. Furthermore, a new phenomenon called extreme couponing – highlighted by a reality TV show of the same name – takes the coupon phenomenon to the next level.

In an effort to save money in a struggling economy, extreme couponers go to tremendous lengths to squeeze every penny of savings from the huge range of coupons offered by businesses in every industry. These shoppers can save thousands of dollars a year on their household purchases by clipping through hundreds of flyers, scouring the internet for free online coupons, making massive bulk purchases, and even performing multiple transactions at the same store in order to bypass the store’s coupon policies, which often limit the use of multiple coupons per transaction. Some of these extreme couponers have been so successful that they even teach classes on how to save money utilizing coupons.

For the average person, it simply isn’t practical to utilize every ounce of spare time clipping and organizing flyers and spending an hour in line at the grocery store to stockpile your pantry with 500 rolls of toilet paper. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t significant savings to be had using free online coupons for groceries, toiletries, household cleaning products, clothes, services, eating out, and more. With just a little diligence and looking in the right place, you can cut a significant amount off your daily expenses by taking advantage of online coupon codes and printable coupons.

Free Online Coupons & Coupon Codes
So what separates coupon codes from regular coupons used in local businesses? Unlike regular coupons which you cut out from a flyer or print from your computer, coupon codes are essentially virtual coupons that you use when you shop online. You take advantage of coupon codes by entering them into a special box in your order page. In order to avoid disappointment when utilizing free online coupon codes, it is important to keep a few guidelines in mind.

Perhaps the most basic principle of coupon codes is that all coupon codes have an expiration date. While everyone is familiar with the concept of expiration dates, expiration dates affect coupon code users differently than they do with regular coupons. While coupons you find in flyers will have their expiration date printed on them, sometimes the expiration dates of coupon codes get lost in the mix as the coupon codes are disseminated around the internet. You will often find when you search for coupon codes online that you end up attempting to use an expired code. This can be frustrating as you only discover that the coupon code has expired after you’ve picked out your items, filled out your payment information, and nearly completed the checkout process.

By going to reliable coupon websites that keep an up to date inventory of unexpired coupons and coupon codes, you are less likely to waste your time utilizing an expired coupon code. Additionally, it’s also extremely important to note not only the coupon code’s expiration date, but also the time zone in which your online retailer is located. It’s best to take advantage of coupon codes at least 24 hours before the expiration date. If you wait until 11:30 PM the night before the coupon expires and it turns out your retailer is in a time zone 2 hours ahead of you, you may be out of luck.

Also keep in mind that most companies will require that you enter the coupon code upon checkout. If you purchase the item and forget to enter your code, you may be out of luck. Most online retailers will have specific policies forbidding the retroactive application of coupon codes to previous orders, though some will allow it. In order to ensure that you enjoy the savings offered by a coupon code, be sure that you see the savings applied prior to finalizing your order.

Free Online Printable Coupons
Printable online coupons are similar to traditional coupons you receive in the mail or tear out of brochures at the grocery store, except they are obtained online and printed from your printer. Online printable coupons are widely available on the internet. They can be found from websites that specialize in gathering coupons, on the official websites of stores and businesses, through email lists and also social networks. Whatever the medium, companies are distributing coupons online at a greater than ever rate, in an attempt to draw in customers throughout the virtual world.

Coupons have come a long way since the days of coupon clipping from local flyers and newspapers. While new ways of saving have emerged, the goal of all shoppers remain unchanged – to save money. Be sure to do a quick online search for coupon codes and printable coupons next time you’re about to do your groceries, by a new pair of shoes, or go to a restaurant; you just might find yourself paying a lot less than you expected.